Private and Group Lesson Rates 

prices updated April 2019 -

  • $32  Private (1 client) 60-minute session   [3/4 &1/2 hour pro-rated sessions also available] For NEW CLIENTS - First Full Private Lesson Half Off (no commitment to continue)
  • $48  Total: Semi-Private (2 participants) 1 hr. - 30 min. session    [$24 each] 
  • $48 Total: (3 participants) 1 hr. - 30 min. session    [$16each] 
  • $48 (4 participants) 1 hr. - 45 min. session  [$12 each]   BEST VALUE!!
To arrange a session click on CONTACT ME  and send an email or call Coach MIKE at 703-209-6257.

CANCELLATION POLICY (Private  / Group Sessions) -
  1. Pre-scheduled sessions may be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance. Keep in mind you are inconveniencing others if it is a group session. The earlier the cancellation is made the better to allow for the potential of locating a Sub.
  2. In the event of an emergency, other extenuating circumstances sessions or inclement weather may be cancelled within the 24-hr. window of the start time and no cancellation fee may be incurred at the discretion of the instructor.
  3. A $5 Instructor Cancellation Fee plus a $3 Fee toward each other participant that is inconvenienced by the cancellation shall be charged for cancellations occurring with the 24 hr. window of the start time. An additional $5 will be charged if the cancellation occurs after the Instructor has set up on the court.
EXAMPLE: If a 4-Group player cancellation occurs for a non-emergency reason within 24 hrs. of the start time and the Instructor has set up at the court Cancellation Fee is as follows:  $10 (Instructor) + (3 x $3 =$9) =  $19 Total.